Recording Acoustic Version of “Odds Are”

Jun. 4.2014 by User 0 Comments

The band went into the studio to record some acoustic tracks.  In this episode, the band record their single “Odds Are” and Tyler chats about the single.  This acoustic track along with 2 others will be released on July 1st in Canada and the U.S.

Grinning Streak Deluxe will be released in the US with a total of 6 bonus tracks, and The Long Weekend EP will be released in Canada with a total of 4 tracks – check out the full track listings below:

1) Odds Are (acoustic)
2) Smile (acoustic)
3) Blame It On me (acoustic)
4) Did I Say That Out Loud (live)

1) Limits
2) Boomerang
3) Off His Head
4) Gonna Walk
5) Odds Are
6) Keepin' It Real
7) Give It Back To You
8) Best Damn Friend
9) Did I Say That Out Loud?
10) Daydreamin'
11) Smile
12) Crawl
13) Blacking Out
14) The Fog of Writing
15) Who Knew?
16) Odds Are (acoustic)
17) Smile (acoustic)
18) Blame it On Me (acoustic)

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