1. The release of Silverball is just around the corner, and 4 tracks are available to you instantly if you pre-order now including the song Duct Tape Heart featured in this behind the scenes look at the recording session with the band.

  2. We have partnered once again with our good friends at Rooster Teeth to make the video for “Say What You Want”, the first single off our upcoming album SILVERBALL out June 2nd!

    We've been pals with the RoosterTeeth folks for over a decade now. I've lent my voice to Red Vs Blue (As Capt Butch Flowers), starred in a short series they produced (Capt Dynamic for the City of Heroes spots), and they created custom videos for a BNL tour many years ago. They are incredibly talented, and funny. It's super nice to get the opportunity to work with your friends. Especially when your friends have a kick ass production studio. We are both big fans of what the other does, so when we get to do it together, it's awesome!

  3. We are so happy to be working with Rooster Teeth again, this time for the music video for “Say What You Want”. Stay tuned for the official music video coming soon!

    Take a look behind the scenes of the video shoot, and pre-order your copy of Silverball now to receive this song instantly!

  4. Our new album “Silverball” is less than a month away from its release date, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Spent some long days in the studio creating this one… huge thanks to CAFFEINE for all the help.

Upcoming Tour

Date Venue Location Tickets
Nov.16.2015 Hamilton Place Theatre
With: Barenaked Ladies,
Hamilton, ON Canada
Nov.17.2015 General Motors Centre
With: Barenaked Ladies,
Oshawa, ON Canada
Nov.18.2015 Centre In The Square
With: Barenaked Ladies,
Kitchener, ON Canada
Nov.20.2015 Peterborough Memorial Centre
With: Barenaked Ladies,
Peterborough, ON Canada
Nov.21.2015 National Arts Centre
With: Barenaked Ladies,
Ottawa, ON Canada